14.08.2013 Zürich, Robbert van Rooden

2nd Game Demo Night

After the success of the 1st Game Demo Night where 5 Swiss game developers have shown their excellence the 2nd instalment is happening! 5 game developers show the state of their arts to the Swiss Game developers community.

Date: Wednesday, AUGUST 21 - 18:30
Location: Colab Zürich
Register to attend: Join our Facebook group and register on the Demo Night event.

Lineup of the 2nd demo night:

“Augmented Resistance”: Disney Research shows its innovation
Disney Research gives us insights into their augmented reality tower defense game Augmented Resistance. The demo showcases the combination of tracking and light probe capture technology. A physical 3D printed model is placed on the board, and acts as light probe for the application, so that changes in lighting in the real world are reflected in the virtual scene. Obviously pure tech bliss!

Augmented Resistance 

“Shattered”: Come and play the Unity3d awards finalist
The Unity3d awards 2013 finalist Shattered is a wonderful take on the Jump'N'Run genre: with its beautifully designed camera perspectives a narrative and aesthetic game element emerges which results in a new kind of experience. Shattered is a student game developed at the Zurich University of the Arts by Jan Werner & Yury Schicker.


“Creature Stumble”: Endless slinghot puzzle fun
Creature Stumble is a slingshot physics game that comes as a blend of arcade classics with challenging puzzle features. With the aim of the game to hit all creatures, you’ll experience rocks, bombs, boosters, black holes and power-ups in four chapters and 160 levels – all in cute and unique hand drawn graphics.

Creature Stumble

“Verge”: Start a mystical time adventure
Verge is a platform puzzle game based on the ability to turn back time. Not threat or fear is the motivation to explore the beautifully designed 3d world, but pure curiosity to let you emerge in a mystical adventure. Verge is a student game by Gregor Strnad & Christian Enzler created at the Zurich University of the Arts.


“Stardust”: Reaching the stars has never been cuter
Stardust is a super cute tablet puzzler with a lovely backstory for children, their parents and casual gamers in general. A little star has fallen down from the sky and by bouncing on clouds, the player has to help it reach the starry firmament again. Stardust is a student game by Tabea Iseli created at the Zurich University of the Arts.

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Is there a possibility to

Is there a possibility to attend without a Facebook account?

Robbert van Rooden's picture
Yes, the event is open for

Yes, the event is open for all and free. To be able to plan better for the event, we use Facebook to know how many poeple will come. But we can always squeeze in one more.




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Another question: Do I need

Another question: Do I need to be IGDA Member to attend?

Robbert van Rooden's picture
This event is open for all

This event is open for all and free to attend. No need to be an IGDA member.

IGDA Switzerland Chapter

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