12.11.2013 Zürich, Robbert van Rooden

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21.08.2013 Baden, Robbert van Rooden

Indie Postmortems at Fantoche Festival

At the international animation film festival Fantoche, IGDA Switzerland continues the tradition of giving insights into game development by Postmortems, the art of presenting what went well but also to expand on what challenges were faced and what in the end did not turn out how the game release was planned. At this event you’ll learn about the challenges of three indie game developers.

We are excited to announce the following confirmed talks:

  • The adventure game Journey of a Roach will be released later this year and for the first time you can get a first hand insights by Mischa Geiser of KoboldGames into how this unique take on the genre got from student project to upcoming desktop title, which will be released by a renowned publisher and is already heavily covered by the industry press and travelling around the world in game exhibitions.
  • The polished mobile gem Cannon Crasha is an App Store phenomenon. With raving reviews around the world and put on the new and noteworthy lists of the most important markets the game got the visibility it deserved. Markus Jost of GangoGames will tell us the story on the ups and downs of a game that helped putting Switzerland on the radar.
  • In a tale of two games Duncan Pond of Crown Adam will cover both the hidden object game Dream Inn: Driftwood & the catapulting casual game Picnic Wars and give not to miss insights into the stages of development and the mobile and downloadable markets as revenue channels for indies.

Date: Friday, SEPTEMBER 6 - 20:00
Location: STERK
Register to attend: Join our Facebook group and register on the event.

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14.08.2013 Zürich, Robbert van Rooden

2nd Game Demo Night

After the success of the 1st Game Demo Night where 5 Swiss game developers have shown their excellence the 2nd instalment is happening! 5 game developers show the state of their arts to the Swiss Game developers community.

Date: Wednesday, AUGUST 21 - 18:30
Location: Colab Zürich
Register to attend: Join our Facebook group and register on the Demo Night event.

Lineup of the 2nd demo night:

“Augmented Resistance”: Disney Research shows its innovation
Disney Research gives us insights into their augmented reality tower defense game Augmented Resistance. The demo showcases the combination of tracking and light probe capture technology. A physical 3D printed model is placed on the board, and acts as light probe for the application, so that changes in lighting in the real world are reflected in the virtual scene. Obviously pure tech bliss!

Augmented Resistance 

“Shattered”: Come and play the Unity3d awards finalist
The Unity3d awards 2013 finalist Shattered is a wonderful take on the Jump'N'Run genre: with its beautifully designed camera perspectives a narrative and aesthetic game element emerges which results in a new kind of experience. Shattered is a student game developed at the Zurich University of the Arts by Jan Werner & Yury Schicker.


“Creature Stumble”: Endless slinghot puzzle fun
Creature Stumble is a slingshot physics game that comes as a blend of arcade classics with challenging puzzle features. With the aim of the game to hit all creatures, you’ll experience rocks, bombs, boosters, black holes and power-ups in four chapters and 160 levels – all in cute and unique hand drawn graphics.

Creature Stumble

“Verge”: Start a mystical time adventure
Verge is a platform puzzle game based on the ability to turn back time. Not threat or fear is the motivation to explore the beautifully designed 3d world, but pure curiosity to let you emerge in a mystical adventure. Verge is a student game by Gregor Strnad & Christian Enzler created at the Zurich University of the Arts.


“Stardust”: Reaching the stars has never been cuter
Stardust is a super cute tablet puzzler with a lovely backstory for children, their parents and casual gamers in general. A little star has fallen down from the sky and by bouncing on clouds, the player has to help it reach the starry firmament again. Stardust is a student game by Tabea Iseli created at the Zurich University of the Arts.

07.05.2013 Zürich, Robbert van Rooden

Game Demo Night

Our next event will be a first of its kind: 5 game developers show the state of their arts to the Swiss Game developers community.

Date: Wednesday, JUNE 26 - 18:30
Colab Zürich
Register to attend:
Join our Facebook group and register on the Demo Night event

The games of the first IGDA Switzerland demo night:

"Black Island": See the Oculus Rift in action

The developers of Wotokah will give you the possibility to play the new Virtual Reality Headset Oculus Rift. Their protoype “Black Island” is a horror game with the focus on exploration and survival. The player has a lighter, a notebook and nothing else. His only defense is running away. A true immersive audiovisual horror experience!

Black Island


"Trigger Rally": HTML5, WebGL & open source 

Jasmine Kent (Code Artemis) is an indie game developer from the UK and has previously worked for SEGA and Google. Jasmine will take us on a ride and show us the Trigger Rally online experience – a fast and fun arcade rally racing game with hundreds of user-created tracks. It’s one of a new breed of plugin-free HTML5 games, using WebGL to harness the full power of the GPU. Obviously, a glimpse into the future of browser gaming!

Trigger Rally


"Ago": a touching open world adventure 

Ago is Stefan Gerber’s bachelor project at the Zurich University of the Arts. A beautifully designed open world adventure in which your goal is to survive in a hostile environment. You need to find water and food, craft weapons and hunt deer. A whole new world to explore and master - touch by touch!



"CannonCrasha": Castles, Cannons, Destruction

Gangogames and Fabraz are working hard on the soon to be released mobile game CannonCrasha. The game has it all: 40 levels set in 4 different worlds, a campaign, extra game modes, various multiplayer options, achievements and upgrades. Destructing castles has never been this much fun!



"Draw me the way": Puzzle all the way

As student of the game design at the Zurich University of the Arts, Andreas Halter has created a unique styled mobile puzzler called Draw me the Way! in which you draw the path to go for your game characters – if you’re skilled enough! With this take on the puzzle genre and thanks to its keys, treasure and magic it’s a puzzler to fall in love with.

Draw Me the Way!

14.01.2013 Zürich, Robbert van Rooden

Swiss Game Jam 2013

On the last weekend of January the world's biggest game jam happens again: The Swiss Game Jam is Switzerland's location of the Global Game Jam! Be part of a global game movement!

For the very 3rd time the Swiss Game Jam is upon us! Check the Swiss Game Jam site for more details. Participants all over the world create a game concurrently around a central theme for 48 hours. Let's make this weekend a game developers weekend to remember. See you there!


22.11.2012 Zürich, Robbert van Rooden

IGDA Winter Mixer on December 18 in Zürich

Our IGDA mixer events are casual meet-up for game talks, discussions, networking and fun. This informal meet-up is open and free and all members and non-members can join! This Winter Mixer will happen on December 18 in Zürich at Hotel and Bar Rothaus, starting at 18:00.

07.08.2012 Baden, Robbert van Rooden

IGDA meeting at Fantoche

Which challenges do we face in game development? For the third time IGDA Switzerland chapter continues the collaboration with the animation film festival Fantoche.

At the animation film festival Fantoche we will focus on challenges in game development .

This is an open meeting and everyone can join! So bring along all your fellow game enthusiasts and attend this exciting meeting.

Date: September 6, 18:30
Location: Restaurant Bar Spedition, Bruggerstrasse 37, 5400 Baden

Interactive binaural audio
Fritz Menzer

Interactive binaural audio allows to simulate the auditory impression of being inside a room, using just normal headphones. While simple 3D audio positioning is currently part of most game sound engines, the realistic simulation of rooms is not yet readily available to game developers. The introduction of the BR2 binaural rendering engine as a game sound engine plugin will change this, making the integration of an advanced and computationally efficient room model as easy as writing a few lines of code. This talk first gives a brief introduction to binaural audio, highlighting the need for binaural rendering that goes beyond HRTFs and showing how the problem of integrating advanced binaural rendering into games was solved technically.


faceshift - Real time markerless motion capture at every desk
Brian Amberg
Brian Amberg demonstrates faceshift, a markerless motion capture system which is not only fast, easy to use, and accurate, but also very simple to set up. In the beginning the faceshift team mainly targeted at content producers, but soon realised they need to also focus on the insanely creative live arts and performance community.  During the presentation Brian will give an overview of where facial motion capture is today, and where they are going to take it. A live demonstration of retargeting from an actors performance onto different characters and an overview of some of the amazing hacks that the community has already created around the product are part of the talk!


Working & studying abroad in the game development scene of Singapore
Simon Rozner
Simon Rozner and IGDA Switzerland chapter go way back! Simon was in the chapter board before it arose from the ashes in its current form. Simon just returned to Switzerland after he left to work abroad - and now we are welcoming him back: at the upcoming meeting Simon will reintroduce himself to the chapter with a talk on his colorful experiences in the game development scene of Singapore.


29.05.2012 Zürich, Robbert van Rooden

Swiss Mobile Gaming

Together with the Swiss chapter of Mobile Monday we investigate the state of Mobile Gaming in Switzerland.

We teamed up with Mobile Monday to bring together the Swiss game and mobile development scene. Clearly an event not be missed for networking, knowhow and fun!


Where: The event will take place at Microsoft in Wallisellen.
When: June 18, 18:00 - 21:00 Register now! (open for everyone and free)


Confirmed talks:


Hollow Grounds - Experiences in the App Store in 2012

Jeremy Spillmann talks about his iOS game Hollow Grounds and his experiences with self promotion.
The talk showcases how the game about the little cartographer Piri was made, what his actions were to release it in iTunes and how it fared with its zero-budget marketing.
Can self promotion still carry a product in the App Store in 2012?

Serious games and game mechanics in production

René Bauer, lecturer game design and researcher in the Institut for Design (IDE) ZHDK, will present a tour d’horizon from adware games to serious (mobile) games following the question: How to develop engaging game mechanics?


Moonga, the journey of a Swiss startup in Mobile Gaming.

Follow Sébastien Henzmann (Moonga/EverdreamSoft) in this talk about the evolution of a Swiss startup specialized in Mobile Gaming - from its inception to its international expansion.



jAggy Race - A good game is enough to sell on the App Store?

Tiziano Bizzini and Alan Marghitola (SevenOnly) talk about their first iOS game jAggy Race (soon becoming AeroDrift). The talk showcases what went well and what went wrong in their first experience of self-publishing their game - and what is up next. Their goal is to get sufficient sales to continue working on what they love: creating video games.


29.02.2012 Zürich, Robbert van Rooden

IGDA Pitch Mixer

IGDA Pitch Mixer - a chance for your game's breakthrough

Matt Rusiniak, Technical Evangelist from Nvidia will be in Zurich to see the members of the IGDA Switcherland chapter.
Nvidia is ready to finance projects for their Tegra tablets! A chance not to be missed for your game's breakthrough!
Save the date! Registration and location will follow! Date: 23.03.2012, 18:00. Place: bitforge.

22.12.2011 Zürich, Robbert van Rooden

Global Game Jam 2012

The Global Game Jam is near and the chapter is gearing up for the last weekend of January.

After last year's success stay tuned for some action in the second edition of the Swiss Game Jam. Check the Swiss Game Jam site for more details.